Mobiker - MK1080-2.5L-C

Mobiker - MK1080-2.5L-C

SF Sonic 2 Wheeler
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Price mentioned herein are subject to change based upon the dealer’s/distributor’s/reseller’s quote. However, such prices shall remain within the Maximum Retail Prices quoted above.\r\n\r\nKey Features\r\nMobiker 1080 takes the power of battery for two wheelers to a whole new level.\r\n\r\nHere we present Mobiker 1080, the most powerful battery for motor cycles on Indian roads. It is a ready-to-use, zero maintenance, factory-charged battery with advanced technology that delivers superior performance for a long time. Now roar and rule the Indian roads.\r\n\r\nThe unique Ca-Ca Alloy ensures a maintenance-free life in Indian road conditions\r\nNo topping-up within warranty period under normal running conditions\r\nThe design makes it completely unspillable and is virtually sealed\r\nAbsence of a breather tube eliminates the need for a drain pipe\r\nBolted connection eliminates the risk of failure of the soldered wire joints\r\n \r\n\r\n* F= Free of Cost ; P= Prorata Warranty\r\n* Images are only for pictorial representation. Actual product may vary.\r\n\r\nSpecifications\r\nWarranty : 24F+12P\r\n\r\nBattery Type : MK1080-2.5L-C\r\n\r\nAH : 2

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Mobiker - MK1080-2.5L-C
INR 914.00

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