Tube Master -FTM0-TM350+

Tube Master -FTM0-TM350+

SF Sonic Inverter - Tube
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Tube Master -FTM0-TM350+ INR 12,460.00* * Prices shown are inclusive of all Taxes * Price mentioned herein are subject to change based upon the dealer’s/distributor’s/reseller’s quote. However, such prices shall remain within the Maximum Retail Prices quoted above.

Key Features Tubular Inverter Battery.

* F= Free of Cost ; P= Prorata Warranty * Images are only for pictorial representation. Actual product may vary.

Specifications Warranty : 24

Battery Type : TM350+

AH : 100

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Tube Master -FTM0-TM350+
INR 11,835.00

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